How to Remove a Campagnolo Record Bottom Bracket


Record is Campagnolo’s premier bicycle components group. A bottom bracket is included among this group. The bottom bracket, located inside the part of the bicycle frame known as the bottom bracket shell, houses the axle around which the crank arms spin. Because of their close proximity to the ground, bottom brackets are prone to collecting dirt and grime from the road, and should be removed, cleaned and greased periodically to ensure optimum performance.

Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle work stand (optional)
  • 8mm Allen key
  • Crank arm puller
  • Bottom bracket wrench (Campagnolo-designated)

Crank Arm Removal

  • Place the bicycle in a proper bicycle work stand. If a work stand is not available, lean the bicycle against a soft but sturdy surface. You do not want to mar the bike, but it will need to be supported during this process.

  • Insert an 8mm Allen key into the crank arm bolt on the right, drive-side of the bicycle. The crank arm bolt fixes the crank arm to the Campagnolo bottom bracket.

  • Rotate the Allen key counterclockwise to loosen the bolt. The bolt will be tight, so be prepared to use a bit of muscle to loosen. Once the bolt is loose, remove it.

  • Prepare the crank arm puller. The crank arm puller is a specialized tool that separates the crank arm from the bottom bracket axle. Before using the crank puller, turn the puller nut at the tip of the tool counterclockwise, away from the internal driver. Do this until the puller nut no longer turns.

  • Thread the end of the crank arm puller–the puller nut--into the hole vacated by the crank arm bolt. Continue to thread it clockwise until it is fully seated.

  • Rotate the crank arm puller handle clockwise until the crank arm separates from the bottom bracket axle. Unthread the crank puller from the crank arm, and remove the crank arm from the bicycle.

  • Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the crank arm on the other side of the bottom bracket axle.

Bottom Bracket Removal

  • Fit a Campagnolo-designated bottom bracket wrench onto the left, non-drive-side bottom bracket cup. The cup is the external portion of the bottom bracket and holds the bottom bracket in place inside the bottom bracket shell on the bicycle frame.

  • Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the cup. Again, this may take some effort, so be prepared to use a bit of force. Once the cup is loose, unscrew it the remainder of the way with your fingers.

  • Turn your attention to the right, drive-side of the bottom bracket. Fit the bottom bracket wrench onto the cup at this end.

  • Rotate the wrench clockwise--not counterclockwise. The drive-side of the bottom bracket shell is reverse threaded.

  • Remove the cup fully. The drive-side cup is fixed to the bottom bracket, so the cup and bottom bracket will come away together.

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