How to Kill Rabbits


Rabbits are small furry mammals. They are kept as pets in homes and classrooms, and bred or hunted for their fur and for food. Some common varieties of rabbit are the European rabbit, Cottontail rabbit and Amami rabbit. They are frequently found in fields and forests and even make their way into suburban residential areas. They are herbivores, feeding on grass, plants and weeds. Killing a rabbit can be a simple task if you can stomach it.

Things You'll Need

  • Hatchet
  • Bat or blunt object
  • .22 caliber rifle

Breaking Its Neck

  • Grab the rabbit in your arms and hold its back legs with your left hand.

  • Place the first finger and middle finger of your right hand around the rabbit's neck. Your fingers should form a V.

  • Push the rabbit's chin up and toward its back as you stretch the neck forward rapidly to break its neck.

Using A Blunt Object

  • Place the rabbit on a table with a tarp down to collect any mess.

  • Hold the rabbit down with your off-hand and take aim with a bat or other blunt object.

  • Strike the rabbit on the head with a bat or other blunt object. The strike should be delivered right to the top of the head, as hard as you can to ensure initial dispatch.


  • Place the rabbit on a table with a tarp down to collect any mess.

  • Hold the rabbit down with your off-hand and take aim at the neck with a hatchet or axe.

  • Strike the rabbit on the neck with the hatchet or axe. The strike should delivered in a swift and powerful manner as to remove the head fully and keep the rabbit from any unneeded pain.


  • Remove the rabbit from other rabbits as a gun shot may scare them.

  • Place the rabbit due to be shot in a box with hay to contain some mess and keep the rabbit calm.

  • Stand behind the rabbit. Aim the .22 caliber rifle at the rabbit's head between its ears and fire. Do not shoot the rabbit between the eyes as it may move and the shot will not deliver a kill.

Tips & Warnings

  • It may not be legal or accepted to slaughter and dress an animal in your yard in open view. Check local laws on animal slaughter or take it into the garage to ensure compliance.

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