How to Get Shiny Pokemon in LeafGreen


If you get lucky in Pokemon LeafGreen, you can catch a rare type of Pokemon known as a "shiny." A shiny Pokemon is an alternate version of a normal Pokemon, only differing by color. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, but you can eventually find one--if you are patient enough.

  • Unlock a shiny starter Pokemon. You have the choice between a Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur as your first Pokemon. There is a small chance that your starter Pokemon will be a shiny. Save your game right before you choose your first Pokemon. If it is not a shiny, you can reset the game and try again. Keep resetting the game until you get a shiny.

  • Unlock a shiny Pokemon from an in-game event. Some Pokemon that you battle as part of in-game story events can appear in shiny form. Save right before you battle a Pokemon and keep resetting the game until they appear as a shiny. The follow shiny Pokemon can be obtained this way:

    Eevee, located in the Celadon Mansion
    Lapras, located in the Silph Company Headquarters
    Articuno, located at the Seafoam Islands
    Zapdos, located at the Power Plant
    Voltorb, located at the Power Plant
    Moltres, located on the mountaintop of Island 1
    Mewtwo, located in the Unknown Dungeon
    Togepi, given as an egg from a man on Island 5

    Ho-oh, located on the top path of Navel Cavern
    Lugia, located on the bottom path of Navel Cavern
    Deoxys, located on Birth Island

  • Unlock a shiny Pokemon through normal battles. Each time you enter a battle with a wild Pokemon, you have a 1 in 8,192 chance that the Pokemon will be a shiny.

  • Unlock a shiny Pokemon through Pokemon breeding. When you breed Pokemon, you also have a 1 in 8,192 chance that the resulting Pokemon will be a shiny.

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