How to Set a Victor Mole Trap


Moles are small mammals that live in lawns and create extensive webs of tunnels. The tunneling of moles causes ridges in the turf and can disturb the roots of plants. Although setting a Victor Mole trap is a simple task, the traps are a "kill" type trap, so be prepared for the unpleasant duty of emptying sprung traps.

Things You'll Need

  • Victor mole trap
  • Hold the mole trap upright so the two curved legs face upwards. Hold a setting lever hook facing down and hook over the spring beneath the legs. Hook the second setting lever over the spring from the opposite side.

  • Grasp a setting lever in each hand and push upwards to bring the two levers together above the legs. Locate the flat metal plate pointed downwards beneath the spring (known as the "trigger pan"). Pull the trigger pan outwards and set the end of the locking bar (the metal bar running perpendicular to the trigger pan) on the trigger pan.

  • Locate the safety latch hanging downwards off one of the legs. Pull the hook up and hook over the other leg. Unhook the setting legs one at a time and remove from the trap.

  • Dig a hole as wide as the trap downwards into the ground using a trowel so it intersects with a straight section of mole tunnel. Mound the removed dirt loosely in the tunnel.

  • Hold the trap by the curved top legs and push gently down into the dirt mound so the trigger pan is parallel to the sides of the tunnel. Unhook the safety latch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep hands away from the trigger pan at all times to prevent accidental springing of the trap.
  • Do not set traps in areas where children or pets play.

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