How to Get More Distance From Irons


Although your irons are the clubs you will use most in any game of golf, they are notoriously hard to hit with because of the various angles and distances that differ from iron to iron. At first, it may seem like you must learn how to hit each iron individually, but you actually need to get a good set of fundamentals that you can use on all of the different irons. These fundamentals will allow you to get more distance and accuracy out of your irons.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of irons
  • Golf balls
  • Grip your irons the correct way. Set the club in your left hand (right hand for lefties) so its handle is resting comfortably between your thumb and forefinger. Clasp your fingers around the shaft and point your thumb down. Place your left palm on the underside of the shaft and wrap your fingers around your club, covering your thumb. Set your grip before you squeeze the club, and use the same grip for each club.

  • Keep your posture constant from club to club. The shape of your back and legs should never change as you move through your shots. What does change is your positioning to the ball. For your short irons, place yourself closer to the ball to take advantage of the lift you get from the club.

  • Maintain the spacing of the club to your body for each one of your irons. You will know if your spacing is off if you feel like you're having a hard time swinging the club because it's too "close" to you. The club should always be the same distance from your body to give it ample room to swing down and hit the ball.

  • Make sure the club face is always hitting the ball squarely. This is vitally important for accuracy, but a square club face will also provide the most power to the golf ball.

  • Turn your wrists (cross your forearms) as you hit the ball before you release your wrists to enter your upswing. Swiveling your wrists right as you hit the ball will keep the club steadier and provide you with more control. More control means more power through your swing and more distance for the ball.

  • Stay on the same plane the entire time you swing your club. Think of the ball at the bottom of an invisible vertical wall. Your club should always be parallel to that "wall." By maintaining the plane, you can be sure to hit the ball squarely and straight.

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