How to Jump Farther


Jumping further and higher is an attribute many different athletes can use, ranging from basketball players to football players and even track or tennis participants. Whatever sport you are playing, an increase in your jump is going to prove beneficial. Although there is no instant "jump further" cure, there are several exercises you may use to increase the strength in your legs to promote longer jumps.

  • Stand straight with your feet roughly shoulder width apart. Slowly crouch down, keeping your back straight. Lower your butt down as far as you can, then stand back up. Perform this routine 15 times.

  • Repeat the same basic exercise, however the second time through jump up instead of of rising up. Perform this 15 times.

  • Stand on the edge of a step so only your toes are on it. Push your self up onto your toes, then lower yourself down, moving your heels down below the base of the stair. Perform this 15 times.

  • Jump rope for several minutes every day. This is also a great way to burn extra calories.

  • Repeat the entire exercise three times a week (you may jump rope every day). Working the leg muscles every day tears down the muscle fibers and prevents them from repairing themselves. This is why you need at least one day in between workouts.

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