How to Identify Employee Skill Gaps


If an organization is to become successful it must operate efficiently and effectively by identifying the skill gaps that exist with employees. Goals can be reached much faster when this practice is implemented. Employee morale will increase when new skill gaps are identified and corrected. There are several techniques that can be used to help identify these gaps. Once new skills are learned employees should be encouraged to use them immediately. Through repetition they can master the new learned skills and become proficient and adept at their job duties.

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  • Skill Gap Analysis Test
  • Take a look at how each employee is doing in terms of the stated goals. If an employee is not hitting his goals on a regular basis it could be a sign that there is a skill gap. Perhaps the employee is not hitting a sales goal because they don’t have the skills necessary to be effective sales people.

  • Ask employees where they think they are in terms of the skills needed to perform their jobs. Every employee should be given an opportunity to pinpoint any deficiencies in skills that need to be corrected. This provides the workforce with an opportunity to participate in the process which makes them more likely to be receptive to any type of new training.

  • Have each employee take a written assessment. A written assessment is a way of performing a skills gap analysis. This procedure will complement the information submitted by employees pertaining to their gap analysis. Once the procedure is complete training programs can be implemented to erase the skill gap or deficiency of each employee.

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