How to Wax a Car With Turtle Wax


Turtle Wax protects a car's surface from stains and it keeps the car's exterior shiny. Instead of paying to have your car waxed, you can wax it yourself. The Turtle Wax brand offers different wax and accessory products that are reputable. You will need to apply Turtle Wax to your car three or four times a year to continue to protect its exterior and to keep its finish in good condition.

Things You'll Need

  • Car wash soap
  • Lint free towels
  • Cotton cloth
  • Turtle Wax
  • Wax supplies
  • Wash your car before applying the Turtle Wax. Clean the car thoroughly with car wash soap, and rinse the soap off.

  • Dry the car off after you wash it. Use a lint free towel to dry the car, or allow it to air dry.

  • Check the car to ensure that wax needs to be applied. Wipe a cotton cloth across the hood, and if the cloth glides easily, then the wax you applied previously will suffice.

  • Select the appropriate Turtle Wax and accessory products before you apply the wax. The wax you choose will depend on the age of the car and its finish. You may need to use additional products such as the Super Hard Shell Paste to remove a lot of surface debris, or a detailer to keep the wax from leaving behind swirl marks on newer cars. Check the directions and product information before you purchase the wax and supplies.

  • Apply the Turtle Wax on a dry and cool day. Avoid applying the wax directly in the sunlight or in extreme temperatures as this will affect how the wax looks and adheres to your car.

  • Place the wax on the applicator supplied with the Turtle Wax. Shake the bottle of liquid wax before you apply it to the applicator. Apply the turtle wax in a circular motion and cover your car's body with the wax to give it a shiny finish. Cover one small section at a time. Apply a second coat of the wax to ensure that you cover any spots you missed.

  • Allow the wax to dry and become hazy.

  • Buff the car lightly with a lint free cloth, removing the hazy areas and bringing a shine to the body of your car.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid getting the wax on the trim and plastic on the car. It will leave behind a white stain.

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