How to Use Different Cake Decorating Tips


Creating a professional touch to iced cakes requires the use of several different cake decorating tips. These tips determine the shape of the stream of cake frosting pushed out of the pastry bag to which you attach the tip. Practice using your tips on a paper plate or sheet of wax paper before applying the icing to the cake to avoid errors.

Things You'll Need

  • Pastry bag
  • Cake decorating tips
  • Wide-mouthed one quart jar
  • 1 cup cake icing
  • Spatula
  • Drop the desired cake decorating tip into the bottom of the pastry bag so the tip sits outside the hole in the pastry bag.

  • Place a pastry bag inside of a wide mouthed one quart jar and fold the edges of the top of the bag over the mouth to hold it open.

  • Scoop one cup of cake icing into the pastry bag using a spatula.

  • Remove the pastry bag and twist the top portion of the bag to force all of the icing toward the end with the decorating tip, but without pushing the icing out of the tube.

  • Attach a round tip for writing on the cake. Apply even pressure to the bag and moving the pastry bag to write in cursive on the cake. Write in cursive to avoid removing the tip from the surface of the cake with each letter.

  • Make stars with a star tip by holding the bag at a 90 degree angle to the cake and applying even pressure to the pastry bag to pipe out the icing into a small blob. Release the pressure and lift the bag away from the cake, pulling the bag straight up, leaving behind a star-shaped icing decoration. Use this same technique for making flowers with a flower tip on the pastry bag. Create a row of star or flower shaped icing decorations for a border on your cake. Alternatively, twist the pastry bag as you lift it to create a swirl to your flower or star shape.

  • Create ribbons on your cake for a basket weave by using a basket weave tip. Hold the tip with the serrated portion facing away from the cake and the flat side toward the cake. Move the bag in a straight line as you press on the sides of the pastry bag to create a ribbon on the cake. Create crossing horizontal and vertical lines on the sides of your cake for a basket weave design.

  • Set a leaf tip into the bottom of the pastry bag before filling. Hold the bag with the narrow portion of the leaf tip facing downward and the bag at a 90 degree angle to the cake. Press on the bag and gently move it to the side. Lift the bag as you move it and release pressure on the pastry bag to create a leaf on the cake.

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