How to Get Rid of Birds in the Garden


Birds are well-loved for their beauty and are often welcome in many yards. However, people with gardens come to know birds as a nuisance when they start pecking around and destroying their flowers and plants. Getting rid of birds in your garden will require some cleverness, but can be done without resorting to hurting the birds.

Things You'll Need

  • Toy predator bird
  • Bird netting
  • Use a stuffed animal or plastic toy that looks like a life-sized bird of prey. Birds will be unlikely to enter your yard for a period of time if they spot a predator lurking there. However, birds are more intelligent than people often give them credit for, so move the toy bird often to keep them from catching on.

  • Play sounds from predators to scare the birds away. Many companies offer products that periodically play calls of wild predator birds. The birds will not be able to see the predator, but hearing it will kick their instincts into high gear and they will avoid the area. This can also be done in conjunction with the fake bird posted up in your yard to give smaller birds both a visual and an audio warning to stay away.

  • Make your garden unwelcoming to birds. Birds typically like gardens because there are plenty of things for them to eat and places for them to hide. Remove undergrowth and weeds that birds like to move around in. Keep your garden clear and free from places for them to hide or make their nests. Also, find areas where birds like to perch in your garden, and remove those perches so they have nothing to land on.

  • Cover the area with bird netting if all else fails. This is a sure way to keep the bids out of your garden by blocking their path of entry. Hang the bird netting high over your plants where it will not inhibit the plants, but will keep the birds from being able to fly into your garden.

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