How to conjugate caerse in preterite in Spanish


"Caerse" is a Spanish reflexive verb meaning to fall down. Since it is a reflexive verb, the reflexive pronoun "se" is attached to the infinitive. When it is conjugated, one of the corresponding six forms of "se" is placed in front of the conjugated verb. The endings for "caer" are regular preterite endings, except for the third persons. The third person endings change to- yó and- yeron. These steps demonstrate how to conjugate "caerse" in the preterite.

  • Divide "caerse" into half, creating the word "caer," which is the infinitive, and "se,"which is the reflexive pronoun.

  • Begin the conjugation of "caer" by finding the stem. Do this by dropping the "-er" ending, which results in the formation of the stem "ca." Conjugate a verb by assigning an action to the subject. The subjects are divided into first, second and third "persons," and tell if the person is speaking, spoken to or spoken about. The person can be singular or plural.

    For example, in English the singular first, second and third persons are "I," "you," and "he," "she" and "it," respectively. The plural persons are "we," first person; "you," second person; and "they," third person. In Spanish the second person plural is expressed differently from the second person singular; English speakers say both the singular and plural in the same way.

  • Learn the following preterite endings for "caer":



  • Add the endings to the stem:



  • Study the reflexive pronouns:



  • Place the appropriate reflexive pronoun in front of the conjugated verb to conjugate "caerse" in the preterite tense:

    me caí
    te caíste
    se cayó

    nos caímos
    os caísteis
    se cayeron

Tips & Warnings

  • The first and second person endings have accents over the letter "i."
  • The third person endings are -yó and -yeron because the stem of "caerse," "ca," ends with a vowel.
  • Remember that "caerse" is a reflexive verb, so be sure to add the reflexive pronouns and place them in front of the conjugated verb.
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