How to Post Internet Ads


Internet advertising is quickly becoming a very powerful marketing tool for businesses around the world. Online ads are widely regarded as one of the most effective forms of advertising, because you only have to pay the publisher when someone expresses interest in your product or service. However, when creating online advertisements, you have to make sure that you choose a trustworthy agency to get the best results, and to not waste your money.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Valid credit card

Sign up for Google Adwords

  • Go to and sign up for a free account. Fill out all pertinent information, and then go to "Create your first campaign." Select the details of the campaign, including the campaign's name, the demographics that relate the most to the ad, and the minimum-maximum amount of money that can be used in your account to bid on clicks. Then hit "save and continue."

  • Construct your ad. Choose from a text ad, an image ad, a video ad or a mobile ad. For text ads, fill out the title, two lines of basic description, the URL that users will see, and the URL that the users will go to once they click on your ad. Then, in the box below, fill in the keywords that you want to target specifically. For other ads, the ad will be created after the campaign is saved.

  • Select the country where your billing address is located. Payment options vary depending on the country. For American users, two options are available: prepay billing, in which the cost of clicks is reduced from a prepaid balance as the ad that was created is shown on various sites, and postpay billing, in which the credit card that was entered will be charged as the ad is clicked on.

  • Read the Terms of Service and agree or disagree to the terms outlined by Google.

  • Fill in your billing information, including the billing address and all pertinent information, as well as completing the two optional questions on the bottom of the page to give Google information about the campaign. Then hit "Save and Activate" and the campaign is live.

Sign up For Adbrite

  • Go to, and click on "create an account." Fill out all required information, and accept the terms and conditions. Then click on "Create an ad zone on your site."

  • Select the types of ads that you want to show on your site. You can place banner ads, text ads, full page ads or inline ads. Agree to not place incentives to click on ads, and that the ad zones will not be placed on sites containing pornographic content. Then click on "Set ad specs."

  • Pick a size and colors for the ads, and decide whether family friendly or all available ads will be shown on the site. Also, decide whether to auto-approve ads, and plan out the "house ad," the advertisement that will show when no paid ads are available.

  • Describe the site, giving the name, URL, and a short description of the layout. Then decide on the name of the ad zone. After that has been done, begin entering keywords pertaining to the site, and chose a category that relates best to the content on the site. After that has been done, click on "set pricing."

  • If there are already ads from other networks on the site, select "yes" on the next page. If not, select "no." Then click on "get ad code HTML." Then, copy and paste the ad code on the next page onto the site, and ads will begin showing within 24 hours.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never give out the credit card number, billing information, address or other personal information that was used to sign up for Adwords. This information could be used to steal money from the card.

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