How to Expedite a Divorce


As if getting divorced wasn't stressful enough, many couples find themselves in a seemingly endless divorce loop during which nothing seems to happen. Months drag by, even years. Life is put on hold while you wade through the details. Neither of you is at rest. Neither of you can move on and find another partner.
Getting a divorce expedited rests primarily on both of you coming to an agreement about settling your material assets and the placement of your children. Once both parties are satisfied, divorce proceedings can move fairly quickly.

  • Get together with your spouse and discuss the details of the divorce. Have both of your lawyers present if feelings tend to get irritated between the two of you. Have an outline of what you specifically want prepared ahead of time. Trade your outline with your spouse's outline.

  • Hire a mediator to work between the two of you if talking together doesn't work. A mediator will work from both sides to help you reach a solution that makes each of you happy. provides a list of mediators by location.

  • Request a hearing with the judge in the Superior Court in your area. A judge will listen to both sides to determine how the marital assets should be handled and with whom the children should live. Arguing to the point that a hearing is necessary, however, means that your divorce will go to trial, which is a lengthy process.

  • Consider Las Vegas. If you've both reached an agreement on your divorce and are weary of the wait, pack your bags and move to Nevada for six weeks. Residency laws in Nevada are very lenient, allowing those who have lived there for a mere six weeks to file for divorce. A friend must vouch for you that you have been there for that length of time, and you should change your driver's license as if you planned to stay.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't make a mistake by rushing. If your spouse remains firm on a point you feel very strongly about, or that you know is legally your right, don't budge. Bide your time and let your lawyers duke it out.
  • Approach your lawyer about the length of time your divorce is taking.


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