How to Decorate a Trade Show Booth

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How to Decorate a Trade Show Booth

Trade show booths offer businesses a chance to display their wares in front of a new public. They don’t need to be all function and no form, though. A booth that’s attractively decorated brings in more potential customers because people respond to what they find visually stimulating. Additionally, while you may pay close attention to the décor of your booth, you should make sure that it's interactive as well. This type of setting encourages people to stop by long enough to talk with them about your company and what you can offer them.

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  • Company materials
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      Determine the clientele that you’d like to reach through the trade show. Ask yourself what they may be looking for when coming to a trade show and why they would be interested in your products. The answers to these questions will help you determine the kinds of decorative elements to bring into your booth. A wedding cake business may include different styles of cakes, photos of people at their weddings eating the company’s cakes, fancy accessories for cake cutting and photographs of beautiful wedding cakes. These decorative items serve to tell potential clients what you do.

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      Encourage fun and functional use of your booth. For example, if you will run a cake decorating booth at a bridal show, in addition to having model cakes on display at your booth, hand out samples, sign people up for a cake decorating class or give them calendars, with helpful tips about making cakes and the name of your business imprinted on them. This encourages people not only to stop by, but to interact.

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      Consider making your booth interactive by opening it up for people to browse. If you do this, make decorative “hubs” at which they may stop, look at merchandise and interact with you and your products. For example, you may use a table with bowls of colorful wedding mints, money tree displays with chocolate money or little party favors in decorative baskets.

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      Choose tablecloths that you find both attractive and functional. Many dollar stores sell colorful plastic tablecloths. If your booth activities fall on the messy side, you may consider one of these types of table coverings. They wipe down easily, and, if they become really messy or torn, you can throw them away and replace them inexpensively.

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      Set up a table that has a product slide show on a TV or computer set to a musical background. This is more interactive than having a book of photos—although you may have that on display, too—and it attracts people to your booth. Additionally, you may add decorative elements to this display like streamers, balloons and flowers.

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      Print marketing information about your company, like brochures, catalogs and business cards, and display them attractively. Select decorative baskets or brochure display shelves. Additionally, the printed material should look professional. These little “salespeople” stay with your potential customers, so they should remind people of your booth and services. Finally, have these hand outs match the booth's decorative elements. This type of business branding helps people remember your company long after they leave the trade show.

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