How to Install an Emblem on a Mercedes Hood


The hood emblem on a Mercedes-Benz is an iconic symbol for the vehicle. Unfortunately, it's also a target for thieves, as some will want the emblem enough to take it. To maintain your Mercedes' showroom condition, it will be necessary to replace this emblem if it was indeed removed. This is a straightforward process that should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Long needle-nose pliers
  • Replacement emblem
  • Open up the hood of your Mercedes. Look underneath the hood and locate the access panel for the emblem, which is positioned towards the front of the hood, by the grille. Locate the bar-shaped clips that hold the emblem in place, as well as the bar-shaped hole in the hood.

  • Insert the needle-nose pliers into the hole and use them to hold the bar-shaped clips together tightly, then twist the clip 90 degrees clockwise, until the bar-shaped clips fit through the access hole in the hood. Pull the remnants of the old emblem out of the hood, using your other hand.

  • Hold the replacement emblem on the hood, so that the clips are aligned with the slot in the hood. Push the clips in place until they go through the hole. Hold the hood emblem with one hand and turn the clips 90 degrees, until the access hole and clips form a "+" sign. Look at the top of the hood and verify that the emblem is straight. Close the hood of the car.

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