How to Install Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Wire

Installing an indoor-outdoor thermometer in your home can be helpful. It's nice to know the outside temperature so you can plan what to wear based on the weather. Knowing the indoor temperature can also help determine your comfort level to adjust your house thermostat. If you're concerned about outdoor plants surviving harsh temperatures, the outdoor thermometer can give you advance warning.

Things You'll Need

  • Wired indoor-outdoor thermometer
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver


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      Go window-shopping, and determine what type of indoor-outdoor thermometer you want to buy. These thermometers come in all shapes and sizes. The designs can be basic or include a clock or other functions.

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      Take your indoor-outdoor wired thermometer out of the package, and install the batteries according to the instructions. Install the thermometer using the mounting hardware provided on the wall closest to the window where you plan to route the outdoor sensor. Typically, the thermometer has a slot on its back for hanging on the wall. Depending on the thermometer you purchased, a stand may be included.

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      Go outside, and look for a place to mount the sensor close to the window. Route the outdoor sensor through the window, and mount it using the hardware provided, or leave it loose. Be sure not to leave too large of a gap in your window opening so insects cannot get into your home. Watch the thermometer temperature closely, and adjust the outdoor sensor's location if needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful not to install the thermometer on an interior wall in direct sunlight, which could cause inaccurate readings.
  • Mount the outdoor sensor away from direct sunlight for more accurate readings. Also, make sure your outdoor sensor is located away from heat pump and dryer vents.
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