Bluetooth Bt135 Instructions


Connect your Jabra BT135 headset to other Bluetooth-compatible devices to use the headset wirelessly. Before you can tap into the BT135's Bluetooth features, you need to pair it to the device with which you want to use it. How you go about pairing the headset varies depending on whether you're connecting it to a mobile device or a computer.

Pair the Headset with a Mobile Device

Step 1

Press and hold down the Answer button on the BT135 to set the headset to discoverable mode.

Step 2

Release the Answer button when the LED light on the headset turns solid blue.

Step 3

(Image: Image courtesy of Samsung and Google)

Open the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet and touch Bluetooth to launch the Bluetooth settings panel.


  • The appearance of your Settings app and associated panels will vary depending on the operating system used on your mobile device. Despite the difference in appearance, the steps are the same regardless of whether you're using an iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

Step 4

(Image: Image courtesy of Samsung and Google)

Toggle the Bluetooth switch to the On position, if Bluetooth is not already enabled. Skip this step if Bluetooth is already turned on.

Step 5

(Image: Image courtesy of Google and Samsung)

Tap the BT135 on the list of devices displayed on the Bluetooth settings panel. On Android smartphones and tablets, available Bluetooth devices are listed under the Available Devices heading. On iOS devices they're listed under the Other Devices heading.

Step 6

Enter 0000, four zeros, as the pairing code and touch Pair or Connect, if prompted.


  • This step may also be optional. Depending on the operating system running on your device, you may not be prompted for a pairing code.

Pair the Headset With Your Computer

How you pair a headset with your computer varies somewhat depending on whether you're using a PC or Mac. In both cases, start by holding down the Answer button on the BT135 to make the headset discoverable.

Windows Computers

On a Windows 8.1 PC, press Windows+C to open the Charms menu. Click Settings, click PC Settings and then choose PC & Devices.

(Image: Image courtesy of Microsoft)

Click Bluetooth and then click the Pair button located next to the BT135 on the list of available devices. Enter 0000, four zeroes, as the pairing code, if prompted.


On a Mac, click the Bluetooth icon on the status bar at the top of the screen and select Open Bluetooth Preferences.

(Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Click the BT135 on the list of available devices and then click Pair. Enter 0000, four zeroes, as the pairing code, if prompted.

Use the Headset

Operation of the BT135 is relatively straightforward. Press the Answer button to start and end calls or to begin and stop listening to audio from a paired device. Manipulate the volume controls on the side of the device to make the headset quieter or louder.

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