How to Create a Makeshift Fence for a Dog

Chain link makes a sturdy makeshift dog pen.
Chain link makes a sturdy makeshift dog pen. (Image: chain fence image by Maksym Dyachenko from

A proper fence is necessary for containing your dog and keeping him safe from harm, but it is often difficult to erect a permanent fence. Certain living situations such, as apartment life, do not allow you to build a permanent enclosure for your dog. A makeshift fence is fairly simple to build and will keep your canine companion contained and safe from harm.

Things You'll Need

  • Long measuring tape
  • Ground markers
  • 8 4-foot-long t posts
  • Hammer
  • 3 chain link fencing panels, 36” tall by 12 feet long
  • 1 chain link gate panel, 36” tall by 12 feet long
  • Fence connectors

Measure out the space you will be fencing in. You will place one T post every 6 feet along the perimeter of your fence, so place a ground marker in each of your post locations. Refer to the diagram below to see the placement of your T posts around the perimeter of your squarely shaped pen. Ground markers are normally think metal stakes with plastic flags at the top and can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Drive one post into the ground at each spot you designated with a marker. Hammer them at least a foot into the ground to keep your fence panels from shifting.

Set your first panel against one side of your enclosure, clamping it onto the post with fence connectors. Attach one connector at the top and bottom of your T post to keep the dog from pressing against the fence and knocking it over.

Place your two remaining regular panels along your fence line, connecting them to the T posts. Add connectors at the corner junctions of the fence panels to prevent your dog from moving the panels apart and squeezing out at the corners.

Attach your gate panel along the remaining open side of your pen, opening the gate to make sure it swings freely to allow your dog access to the pen. Add connectors at the posts and corners and tighten then securely before turning your dog loose and allowing him to explore his newly fenced area.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your fence can easily be moved by unscrewing the connectors and pulling your posts from the ground. Then you can move your fencing to a new location and reconstruct the pen.

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