How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a Ford F150


The fuel filter on a Ford F-150 truck keeps any sediments inside the gas from entering the fuel injectors or the engine. Once the gas leaves the gas tank, it enters the fuel filter, which then traps the sediments inside before releasing the fuel to the fuel injectors. Replace the fuel filter on an F-150 between 50,000 and 75,000 miles.

Things You'll Need

  • Gas catch pan
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Fuel line quick disconnect tool
  • New fuel filter
  • Park the Ford F-150 truck on level ground. Remove the gas cap from the gas tank to release the gas pressure off the fuel filter.

  • Slide under the driver side of the Ford F-150 and locate the fuel filter, inside the driver side frame rail directly under the driver's side of the cab. The fuel filter is a round silver canister with a fuel line coming out of each end and safety clips on both ends of the fuel lines.

  • Pry the safety clips upward from the fuel lines, using a flat head screwdriver.

  • Slide the gas catch pan underneath the fuel filter. Slide the round end of the fuel line quick disconnect tool inside one end of the fuel line. Press the round end of the tool inward until the the fuel line unlocks from the fuel filter port. Pull the fuel line off the fuel filter port with your hand.

  • Follow the same process for removing the other fuel line from the fuel filter. Let the fuel lines hang down toward the catch pan. (There should only be a little bit of excess fuel in the fuel lines.)

  • Slide the fuel filter out of the round bracket and discard the fuel filter into the catch pan. Slide the new fuel filter into the round bracket, with the arrow stamped on the side of the fuel filter facing the engine. (The arrow indicates the direction of the fuel flow from the gas tank to the engine.)

  • Slide both fuel lines onto the fuel filter ports until they lock in place, then pull back on the fuel lines to make sure they are locked onto the fuel filter ports. Slide the catch pan out from under the F-150.

  • Press the safety clips back onto each end of the fuel lines and both fuel filter ports, until they lock in place.

  • Screw the gas cap back on the gas tank. Turn the key on and off three times to fill the new fuel filter up with fuel.

  • Crank the engine and inspect the fuel lines and the fuel filter for any gas leaks while the engine is running. Turn the engine off.

Tips & Warnings

  • The fuel filter quick disconnect tool can be purchased at most auto parts stores.
  • Never smoke around gas.
  • Wear safety glasses when working around gas.

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