How to Mount a Tubeless Lawn Tractor Tire


Most lawn and garden tractors use tubeless tires because they provide better all-around performance than tubed tires. Tubeless tires are relatively easy to mount, using a process similar to mounting tubeless automobile or truck tires. Most lawn and tractor operators can mount a tubeless lawn tractor tire in under 10 minutes once the old tire has been removed from the rim.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean rags
  • Tire bead lubricant
  • 3 tire irons, or 3 slotted screwdrivers (large)
  • Air pump
  • Ratchet strap (adjustable)
  • Clean the inside surfaces of the wheel with a damp rag so that no debris will remain trapped inside the tire after installation. Clean both sides of the wheel rim with a damp rag so that no debris will foul the rubber-to-metal contact that provides an airtight seal.

  • Place the lawn and garden tractor wheel on the ground, with the outside edge of the wheel facing up. Do not to set the wheel on dirt or gravel that will get trapped during tire installation (this will mess up the airtight seal that is required. Apply tire lubricant to the outside bead of the tire, then lay the tire flat onto the wheel.

  • Offset the tire on top of the wheel, so that the tire is sitting slightly lopsided. Begin with the lowest portion of the tire, and force the bottom (wet) bead past the lip of the wheel rim. Continue to force the wheel down around the wheel rim until the bottom bead has been maneuvered below the top rim of the wheel the whole way around the tire. After this step, the tire will look halfway mounted.

  • Apply more tire lubricant to the tire, this time placing it on the inside bead of the tire on the remaining bead that has not yet been forced onto the wheel. Begin on one side of the tire, and force the bead onto the wheel rim as before. As this gets harder to do as you progress around the wheel, use tire irons or slotted screwdrivers to increase your leverage as you pry the wet tire bead over the lip of the wheel rim.

  • Force the remaining wet bead of the tire over the lip of the wheel rim by prying it over in 1-inch increments with the tire irons or slotted screwdrivers. Be careful not to scar the metal wheel or damage the rubber tire bead because both will cause the tire to slowly lose air during use because of an imperfect rubber-to-metal seal. Check the deflated tire and rim for debris, and remove debris if present.

  • Wrap a ratchet strap around the center of the tire (around the center circumference of the tire midway between the wheel rims) once the tire has been completely mounted and the rims checked for debris. Tighten the strap so that the beads of the tire are forced outward into firm contact with the wheel rim on both sides of the tire. Inflate the tire to the manufacturer's suggested lbs. per square inch, gradually releasing the ratchet strap as you progress. Mount the wheel onto the lawn and garden tractor per the tractor manufacturer's suggested process.

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