How Do You Send a Fax to Germany?


Sending an international fax uses the same procedure as sending a domestic fax; the only difference is in the amount of numbers you enter. To indicate to a phone/fax system that you want to send something outside the United States, you’ll add 011, then the country code, city code (akin to our area code) and fax number. The country code for Germany is 49.

  • Write down the full sequence of numbers, if you have not already.

  • Identify any missing parts in your fax number and add them. For example, the number 011-49-5555-5555 does not have a city code. You must dial 011, which is the international code and 49, which is the country code for Germany. The city code comes before the actual phone number.

  • Verify that the city code you dial does not have a zero or, that when you dial, you don’t include the zero. For example, the city code for Stuttgart might look like 0711 or 711; in either case, you’d dial 711.

  • Send the fax as you normally would, except dial 011-49-city code-number. For example, 011-49-711-5555-5555.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have to dial an authorization code to get an outside line, such as on an office system, dial the code first according to the office’s instructions. Ohio State University recommends pausing between each group of numbers.
  • Note that while some European numbers have seven digits, like in the United States, others may have anywhere from five to eight.

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