How to Potty Train Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoos are a small breed of companion dog popular in many areas of the world. Developed by crossing poodles and American cocker spaniels, cockapoos are known for their intelligence and gentle nature. Cockapoo puppies are easy to train, picking up new commands and learning new skills in just a few brief training sessions. Potty training your cockapoo puppies is an essential step in teaching them to be happy, well-trained companion dogs.


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      Designate a section of your yard to use as a potty area. Cockapoo puppies are very smart and will quickly learn that they are only supposed to potty in this specific area of your yard. Make sure this spot is located away from any walkways so puppies won't be disturbed and that it is free of any debris that might cause injury.

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      Feed your puppies at the same time each day. Most dogs will have to potty within a few minutes of eating, so knowing when your puppies last ate will make it easier to predict when they will have to go outside.

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      Take your puppies out to the potty area after meals and upon waking from a nap. These are the times when your cockapoo puppies are most likely to have to potty and taking them out immediately will help avoid accidents in the house.

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      Give your puppies the command to go potty while they explore the potty area. The word can be something as simple as “potty,” and as long as you use the same command each time, the puppies will learn to associate that word with the act of going to the bathroom. Cockapoo puppies can be sensitive, so use a happy tone of voice to avoid frightening them.

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      Repeat the command until your puppies potty, then stand quietly while they do it. Praise each puppy once it has gone potty and offer a small treat. The praise and treat act as a positive re-enforcement that pottying when asked is a good behavior, and the puppies will eagerly repeat the process in an attempt to please you.

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      Watch your puppies closely while in the house and take them out to the potty area once every hour or two. Cockapoo puppies are generally small and do not have much bladder or bowel space and cannot hold it for long periods of time, so frequent trips to the potty area will help avoid accidents.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stay happy and cheerful while potty training your cockapoo puppies. If you are harsh with them or speak in an angry tone of voice, they may shy away from you and potty in fear.
  • Never spank your puppies if they have accidents. Potty training can be a lengthy process and spanking your puppies will only make them afraid of you and reluctant to mind in the future.
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