How to Convert Pounds to AED


The dirham is the currency unit of the United Arab Emirates, and is abbreviated AED. To convert British pounds (abbreviated GBP), you need to get the current conversion factor from a financial source. The conversion rates fluctuate daily, so refer to the most updated source you can find to get the best information, preferably on the day you are making the conversion.

Things You'll Need

  • GBP to AED conversion rate
  • Calculator
  • Get the current conversion rate for GBP to AED, that is, the number of dirhams per pound. These rates are available from financial websites, and are published daily in finance newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times (See References).

  • Multiply the number of AED per GBP. If there are, say, 5.52 dirhams in a pound today, and you want to convert 200 GBP, that would convert to 1,104 AED.

  • Subtract any currency conversion fees being charged by the bank or currency exchanger. Banks will generally charge a percentage of the transaction. If you are taking money out at an ATM, there is usually a flat fee, which means it is more cost effective to take out larger amounts at a time.


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