How to Convert an AIFF to a WAV

The AIFF file extension corresponds to the Audio Interchange File Format. AIFF files contain lossless audio content and appear often as the standard CD-burning format. They are quite similar to WAV or Waveform audio files, as both are used during the audio recording process, but certain programs prefer WAVs to AIFFs. Tools available for free on the Web can convert your AIFFs into WAV files.



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      Go to the website media-convert in any Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome. Click "Choose File" and locate the AIFF you want to convert. Media-convert cuts off upload size at 200MB.

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      Pick out "AIFF" for your input sound format. Next, select "WAV" for your output format.

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      Click "OK" to transfer to the WAV format. Once the conversion squares away, click on the download link to get your converted sound file back onto your computer.

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      Load in any browser.

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      Click the "Upload a file" button and find the AIFF you want to convert. Afterwards, pick out WAV for your output format. Mediaconverter tops off upload size at 100MB for its free users.

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      Click "Start" to generate the WAV file. After the conversion concludes, click the link to receive your file.

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      Load in a Web browser.

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      Click "Choose File" and locate the AIFF you want to convert. Afterwards, select WAV for your target container. Zamzar's free users may only upload files up to 100MB in size.

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      Type in your email address and click the "Convert" button. You'll soon receive an email from Zamzar with your Waveform file contained inside a download link.

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