How to Apply for Canadian Border Guard Positions

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Canadian Border Services Officers work for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), patrolling Canadian land and marine points of entry. According to the CBSA, in order to become a Border Services Officer and manage the flow of people and goods into and out of Canada, you must meet specific conditions of employment, obtain a required security clearance level, obtain a valid Canadian firearms safety certification, obtain standard first aid certification and pass a psychological test.

Apply Online

  • Submit an online application on the Public Service Commission of Canada's website.

  • Ensure you meet the citizenship, education, experience and security level requirements as indicated on the job application. Briefly, these requirements include:

    • being 18 years of age or older
    • proficiency in English and/or French
    • Canadian citizens will be given preference
    • possess a valid driver's license to operate government vehicles
    • wear a uniform and other job-related equipment that may include weapons
    • have completed the Canadian firearms and restricted firearms safety courses
    • possess a Possession and Acquisition License
    • complete medical examinations and maintain a minimum physical standard
  • Take the Border Services Officer Test version 1C in either English or French and obtain a passing mark of 585 points. You must wait six months before being eligible for a retest.

  • Attend and pass an interview.

  • Ensure you meet the conditions of employment outlined in the job application. These conditions may include Standard First Aid Certification, completion of the Canadian firearms safety course, hold a possession and acquisition license for firearms, certification in control and defensive tactics, and a medical examination.

  • Wait until you are selected from a pool of eligible candidates and assigned a Border Services Officer position.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read the job application requirements carefully and fully understand what is required before applying.
  • Set a timetable for obtaining the different types of required certifications. Some may take several weeks to obtain.
  • Review the Border Services Officer Test Information Booklet found on the CBSA website.
  • Many Border Services Officer positions involve work in potentially dangerous and unpredictable environments. Ensure you understand the job responsibilities fully before beginning the application process.


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