How to Sell Landscape Photos

Selling landscape photography requires persistence and hard work.
Selling landscape photography requires persistence and hard work. (Image: photographer's photographer image by Lee O'Dell from

Selling landscape photos requires time and persistence. Finding the right market takes as much or more time as learning the craft of landscape photography, but there are several approaches an accomplished photographer can try. Getting the pictures out where potential customer see them presents the biggest challenge, but dedicated use of online sites. including venues such as eBay and craigslist, and stock photography sites, setting up displays at local craft fairs and even going door to door in neighborhoods all can provide success for selling landscape photography.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer access
  • Landscape photographs in digital and print format
  • Photo sleeves
  • Photo backing
  • Business Cards

Sell to Stock Photography Sites

Identify a stock photography site.

Create an account on the stock photography site.

Read the site guidelines for photo submissions.

Submit appropriate digital photographs to the site.

Set limitations on the use and price of the photograph if required by the chosen stock photography site.

Craft Fairs

Contact the craft fair venue for dates and requirements for setting up a booth.

Craft fairs provide venues for selling landscape photography.
Craft fairs provide venues for selling landscape photography. (Image: carribean market stall image by Wimbledon from

Prepare a selection of prints. Have multiple sizes and multiple copies of each photo intended for display.

Place each photograph on a backing and in a photo sleeve.

Set up the display booth at the craft fair with larger-sized photographs prominently displayed to draw customer attention. Place smaller sizes within reach of potential customers where they can look through them.

Hand out business cards to customers during the fair offering to take custom landscape photographs.

Door to Door

Prepare a selection of 8x10-inch local photographs with photo sleeves and backings. Put one copy of each photograph in a portfolio or briefcase.

Look professional when doing door-to-door sales.
Look professional when doing door-to-door sales. (Image: resting business woman image by Tracy Martinez from

Prepare a price list for smaller- and larger-sized photographs.

Prepare multiple copies of each size of each photograph. Keep these photographs accessible, but do not carry them with you.

Go door-to-door in a neighborhood offering the photographs for sale. Tell potential customers other sizes of photographs are available.

Hand out business cards if a homeowner seems interested but not quite ready to buy at this time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Landscape photographs of local landmarks covered in snow sell well as holiday cards.
  • Offering digital copies of custom landscape photography appeals to some people who want copies to e-mail to friends and family.
  • Online photo storage sites make it easy to organize photos and if a customer asks about photos you don't have with you, it makes it easy to pull up copies.
  • You can submit the same photo to multiple online stock photography sites.
  • If you choose to go door-to-door, make sure not to violate a restriction against soliciting.
  • If you have a photo site online, make sure to watermark your photos to prevent unauthorized and unpaid downloads.

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