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Kannada, or Canarese, is a language that originated in India between 500 and 700 A.D. Kadamba and Calukya scripts were inscribed by Brahmi. These early transcriptions became known as Old Kannada and Telugu scripts. By 1500, Kannada scripts became modernized. Kannada now is the official language of Karnataka, a southern Indian province, and it has spread to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states. Kannada is a Dravidian language, found mostly in Southern India. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Iran all share Dravidian tongues.


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      Go on any foreign language educational website, such as the Central Institute of Indian Languages, My Language Exchange, Languages Home or Omniglot. Online tutorials abound on these site. Learners can participate in online tutoring sessions with a tutor, access more linguistic resources and practice with someone. The Central Institute of Indian Languages offers listening, speaking reading and writing tools and even Kannada e-books, with downloadable Kannada fonts as well. The government of Karnataka, India, offers an online tutorial.

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      Enroll in an online program sponsored by a college or university. The University of Iowa and the University of Pennsylvania both offer online Kannada courses and tutorials. Users can start by reading the alphabet and getting acquainted with easy, beginner words. The University of Iowa accommodates online Kannada learning. There is an English-Kannada Dictionary available for download and displays of online lessons and materials for reading and writing. The University of Pennsylvania offers six preliminary lessons, complete with nouns, verbs, syntax, grammar and a virtual Kannada-English dictionary for referral. On the University of Pennsylvania website, students can download a Kannada font for writing. The University of Missouri facilitates language learning by educating about Kannada songs, riddles, proverbs and boosts cultural awareness of Karnataka.

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      Register with an online exchange program. The My Language Exchange Program links Kannada Students with Kannada speakers or natives who can coach and give as much tips to improve proficiency in Kannada. The website urges online exchange by chat, voice chat and email. Sampige is an Indian nonprofit company based in North Carolina whose owners are from Karnataka. They teach the Kannada alphabet, word formation, verbs and pronunciation.

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