How to Improve Reading Online

You are never too old to improve reading skills. Whatever your age or reading level, you can continually work on comprehension and fluency. Practice is the best teacher. Every time you read any kind of text, you have an opportunity to improve your ability. The Internet has a wealth of resources that can guide your efforts. Many websites provide free materials and activities to improve reading.


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      Complete an online tutorial, like the one at How To Improve Reading Comprehension. This site explains strategies for effective reading and guides you through an example of each one. Tutorials are not passive. You read a section, then complete an activity to help you apply the strategy. Teachers employ this method in classrooms every day when teaching reading techniques.

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      Learn all you can about reading skills from online educational sites. Because there are so many sites on the Internet, utilize those that are reputable and have research-based resources. and the U.S. Department of Education sites are highly recommended by teachers and reading specialists. Research articles that give practical help and suggestions for independent reading, such as the abilities to make predictions and summarize.

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      Practice reading skills with interactive quizzes and games. You can find some kind of activity to help you practice almost any reading-related strategy. McGraw-Hill, a textbook publisher, has many resources for improving comprehension. You read passages and answer questions about the main idea and other details. There is also a writing section in which you compose sentences about a paragraph you've read. Readquarium has interactive games for improving fluency and phonics skills, providing a fun alternative to classroom instruction.

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