How to Rent a Good and Safe Apartment With Bad Credit

During an economic crisis many people find themselves without jobs. Even many with jobs have difficulty paying bills on time. Some homeowners have lost homes to foreclosure. All of these factors negatively affect credit scores. The loss of employment and home may create situations in which individuals with bad credit must rent an apartment.

  1. Renting With Bad Credit

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      Pay a higher deposit. Some apartment managers and owners of clean, safe apartment complexes understand that bad credit does not always mean "rental risk." Exceptions are made when there is no bankruptcy on the applicant's rental application. Often there is a range of deposit amounts based on credit scores with the largest amount equaling possibly two times monthly rental amount. Be prepared to pay cash up front.

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      Show a clean criminal background. A clean criminal background goes a long way with many rental companies who are looking to keep their complex safe. "No Evictions, No Convictions" is a common mantra among apartment managers when they are asked what is the minimum rental requirement. They look for felony convictions, previous evictions and evidence that you owe money to past landlords.

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      Sign a longer lease. Often bad credit, where there is no bankruptcy involved, can be balanced by a longer lease. Longer leases can help rebuild credit and sometimes generate a discount on rent. If you are working and willing to sign a longer lease, managers often see you as attempting to "fix" your financial situation.

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      Present strong references. Sometimes a good name and cash in hand may be all you have left. Both can go a long way when trying to rent a good and safe apartment. Making rental managers aware of your credit standing is a sign of good faith. It also allows them to focus more on your background check, which will include personal references. If your past rental references are stellar and you have people willing to stand up for your character you may be approved to rent an apartment.

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      Get a co-signer. Usually if you can get someone who is in a better credit and financial situation to co-sign on an apartment lease with you, the landlord may feel comfortable renting a nice apartment to you. Having the legal recourse to bill your co-signer in the instance of your failure to pay rent may be the only circumstance under which a landlord will lease an apartment to you.

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