How to Use the Casio FX-260 Solar Fraction Calculator


Casio is one of the most well known electronics companies in the world. Casio calculators range from basic solar models to graphing and scientific models, each serving a specific function for the user. The FX-260 Calculator is a scientific solar model that is designed for all basic functions as well as fractions and trigonometric questions.

Turning On & Basic Use

  • Place the calculator where the solar panel above the display is in the light.

  • Press the Power on/All clear key, which is labeled AC. This will turn the calculator on.

  • Press the Clear key, labeled C, to delete the recent calculations without deleting selections in the memory.

  • Press the AC button to clear all recent calculations and all memory.

Making Calculations

  • Enter the basic calculations, using the arithmetic symbols.

  • Add a figure to memory by pressing the M+ key, and recall from memory using the MR key.

  • Press the Pi key to insert Pi into the current calculations.

  • Press the EXP key to add an exponent into an equation.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the unit will not turn on, allow the solar panels to sit in full sun.


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