How to Move Guides in Photoshop


The guides in Photoshop CC simplify work on projects that require an exacting eye for detail.

Guide Options

Clicking the View menu reveals all of the options for working with Photoshop guides.

  • Lock Guides: Click this option to lock or unlock guides from being moved. 
  • Clear Guides: Removes all guides from the canvas.
  • New Guide: Opens the New Guide window to add a single guide line.
  • New Guide Layout: Allows you to add multiple guide lines.
  • New Guides From Shape: Adds four guides using the outer dimensions of any shape in the active layer, such as ellipses, rectangles and polygons.
(Image: Screenshot courtesy of Adobe.)

Adding a Guide

Select Add Guide from the View menu to add a single guide line. Specify either a Horizontal or Vertical line and enter a Position based on your current ruler. By default, the rulers are in inches and begin in the upper-left corner of the canvas.

Another way to add a Guide is to drag the cursor from either Ruler while pressing the Shift key. To reveal the Rulers, press Ctrl-R.

(Image: Original photography courtesy of Rob Julien.)

Moving a Guide

Use the Move Tool from the Toolbox to drag a guide to a new location -- provided it's not locked. If you have another tool selected, hold the Ctrl key to move a guide.

Hover the cursor over the guide until the cursor turns into two arrows and then drag the guide to its new location. An indicator above the cursor shows the current location. If you press F8 to open the Info panel, the cursor's position is also tracked there.

Hold the Alt button to drag a vertical guide into a horizontal position, or vice versa.

(Image: Screenshot courtesy of Adobe.)

Adding Multiple Guides

The New Guide Layout window helps you add as many guides as you need to the canvas.

Specify vertical or horizontal guides by clicking Columns or Rows.Specify the Number of guides, Width or Height between guides, and add a Gutter to the space between guides if needed.Click the Preset menu to use a Photoshop preset, like 8, 12 or 16 vertical guides, to save or to load your own guide presets.Click the Margin check box to insert guides around the margins you specify around all four edges of the canvas.Click the Clear Existing Guides check box to delete all previous guides.

(Image: Screenshot courtesy of Adobe.)


  • To hide Guides temporarily from view, select Show from the View menu and toggle Guides off. Alternatively press Ctrl-;.

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