How to Crochet an Easy Hat


Using only the chain stitch, single and double crochet stitches, you can make a simple, ribbed, crocheted hat from one skein of yarn. You can embellish these hats with pom-poms and fleece appliques if you wish. The stitches used to make this hat are the basis for most crocheted items. Once you master these, the popcorn stitch, shell and triple crochet stitch will be easier to learn.

Things You'll Need

  • G or H crochet hook
  • 1 skein yarn
  • Measure your head by placing the tape across your forehead and around the circumference of your head while pulling it tight. Needlecrafter Bev Qualheim recommends making the hat circumference 1 1/2 inches smaller than your head measurement for a comfortable fit. If the hat will be a gift and you do not want to spoil the surprise, use the inside measurement of the intended recipient's favorite hat.

  • Measure your head from your right ear over the top of your head to your left ear. Divide that number by two and add two. This gives you the length from the top of your head to your ear, plus a two-inch fold-up brim.

  • Practice making even-length chain stitches if you have never crocheted before. To begin a chain, hold the tail end of the yarn in your off hand and the ball end of the yarn in your dominant hand. Make a loop in the yarn by crossing the tail end over the ball end. Bend the tail end of the yarn back under the ball end of the yarn at the point where the tail end of the loop crosses the ball end. Part of the tail end should extend under the opposite side of the loop from the cross-point.

  • Slip your hook under the ball side of the loop, up through the hole between it and the tail end of the yarn. Cross the hook over the tail end of the yarn and back down through the other hole. Pull a loop of the tail end of the yarn back through both holes and pull tight to make a slipknot on the hook.

  • Pull a loop of yarn through the loop on your hook to begin your chain. Practice pulling a loop through each previous loop until you are able to make each one the same length. Keep your loops loose enough to see daylight through them so that you will be able to get your hook through them when you begin your first row of crochet.

  • Make a chain whose length is the same as your head measurement from ear to ear. Use Bev Qualheim's crochet size chart from Bev's Country Cottage or the Craft Yarn Council of America's size charts if you make hats for charity.

  • Lay your chain with the tail end farthest from you, so that the open end of each "V" of each stitch points toward you. Push the hook through both sides of the first "V" in the chain and pull a loop back through them. Wrap a loop of yarn from the ball end of the yarn around the hook. Push the hook back through the first "V" in the chain and pull a loop of yarn through both loops on the hook. This is your first double crochet stitch through your chain.

  • Make one double crochet stitch in each "V" of the chain until you reach the tail end. Pull a single loop through the loop on your hook after you make your last double crochet stitch. This stitch will keep the ends of each row square when you begin the next row of double crochet stitches.

  • Continue to make double-crochet rows until your hat is the same length as your head circumference or your intended recipient's head circumference. Fold the hat in half along the ribbed lines made by each row of crochet. Use single crochet to close the hat up the side opposite the fold and across the top. Turn the hat inside out to wear it.

  • If desired, add a pom-pom and appliqued embellishments to your hat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many charities welcome donations of crocheted hats. American Angels sends them along with other items to deployed military and their families. Warm the World provides crocheted hats to crisis pregnancy centers, domestic violence projects and homeless shelters in Colorado, and to a school located within the Eastern Navajo Agency in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

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