How to Build a WiFi Booster Antenna


A wireless router is only as useful as its signal is powerful. Connecting a wireless router to your Internet gives you access to the Internet from almost any room in your house, but when the signal is weaker, the Internet goes slower. If you know where the computers will be and if you know which areas of the house need some extra signal, you can transform the antenna into a directional antenna, which will significantly boost the signal to that area of your house.

Things You'll Need

  • EZ-12 Windsurfer antenna template
  • Card stock
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Glue stick
  • Tinfoil

Building Windsurfers

  • Download the EZ-12 template and open it with an image editing program. Using the program's Resize tool, make the template as large or small as you would like it to be---note that you will need to print it out. A larger antenna booster will boost the signal more.

  • Print the template out once for each antenna booster you intend to make..

  • Cut out the shapes of the template.

  • Glue the template pieces to your card stock.

  • Cut out the template pieces from your card stock. Also cut the slits in the rectangular reflector piece and the cross-shaped marks on the round front-piece.

  • Flip over the rectangular back panel and glue a piece of tinfoil to it. Cut the rectangle out of the tinfoil, and make the slits through the tinfoil the same as those on the front.

  • Hold the front piece with the logo facing you. Insert the top tab into the upper-middle slot on the tinfoil side of the reflector. Insert the bottom tab into the lower-middle slot on the reflector, forcing you to bend the front piece into shape.

  • Bend the reflector into a curve as you insert the remaining tabs into the corresponding slots.

  • Square off the front piece of the booster device. Crease it gently into roughly 90-degree corners along the front edges above and below the logo.

  • Fold up and glue the tabs at the back of the booster.

  • Repeat Steps 3 through 10 on the remaining templates you printed out. When finished with all of them, leave the glue to dry overnight before installing the pieces on your wireless router.

Installing Antenna Boosters

  • Stab the Windsurfer onto one of the protruding antennae from your wireless router, using the cross-shaped holes on the top and bottom of the device.

  • Twist and angle the booster and antenna so that they point toward the area where you want your signal boosted. Imagine a straight line going through the walls toward the computer.

  • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the any other antenna boosters you have built.

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