How to Connect to the Internet Through Bluetooth

The Internet has become an important tool in most people's lives today. From checking the weather, to sending an e-mail, to getting the latest news, we use it almost every day. So wouldn't it be nice to have a connection anywhere that your can get reception? Well if you have a phone that is Bluetooth-capable, you can get Internet access pretty much anywhere.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth cell phone


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      Turn on your phone and go to the menu and open your Bluetooth application, turn it on, and make the phone discoverable.

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      Open up the "Control Panel" on your computer and go to "Find Bluetooth Devices." Select "Add Wireless Device." Make sure that your phone is sitting within one meter of your computer, and you should see the make and model of it in the window. Select it and click "Next," and follow the directions to pair the devices.

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      Enter the pin code for your Bluetooth phone. To complete the pairing of the devices you will need a pin. The default code for most devices is 0000 (those are zeroes) or 8888. If those don't work, go to the user's manual for your phone to find the pin code.

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      Go back to your "Control Panel" and click on "Network and Sharing." Connect to your cell phone by right-clicking on the Dial-Up Networking and choosing "Connect Dial-Up Networking." Look to the left-hand side and you will see "Setup a Connection or Network." Click on this and you will get a window with a few different options. Scroll down until you see your Bluetooth mobile phone. Select it and click "Next."

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      Enter the phone number, username and password. These will be different for each individual carrier and you can get this information from your mobile service provider. Once you've entered the details, click "Next."

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      Click on the connection once it's created and click on the "Connect" tab. Wait for the network connection to dial your phone, and within about 30 seconds you will be connected. Open your Internet browser and surf normally.

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