How to Change a Name in IRC


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the progenitor of all instant messaging systems, and its command syntax is widely used in several other private chat systems. Windows 8 doesn't come with a native IRC client, but there are several that can be downloaded; common ones include XChat, mIRC and HexChat. Unlike AIM or Google Chat, IRC allows users to change their handles, set up 'bots and do other tasks, all from in-system commands. All IRC commands are processed by the IRC server itself, and do not vary between IRC clients once you've logged in.

  • Start your IRC client of choice. Most clients will let you specify a name when the client starts up, and will save your name between sessions.

  • Connect to the IRC server; one of the most common IRC servers is

  • Type "%n" to see your current nickname in IRC. It will also appear in the user list.

  • Change your nickname by typing "/name <nickname>" (without quotes), replacing <nickname> with the new name you want to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Typing "/help -l" (without quotes) will pull up a list of available IRC commands from the server.

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