How to Fix an Overheating Gateway Laptop


Gateway laptops can overheat just like any other computer brands. It is natural for laptops to heat during use. However, Gateway laptops that overheat can be the result of dust within the computer's internal components, fan faliure or frequent multi-tasking by the user (going back and forth from one window or program to the next). The laptops can overheat the central processing unit (CPU) which can run the risk of damaging the computer's motherboard, video card and memory.

Things You'll Need

  • Philip screwdriver
  • Cloth rag
  • Air compressor
  • Check the Gateway's PC Health status to view the current temperature settings under the computer's BIOS menu. According to Gateway, "the temperature is usually displayed in degrees Celsius. Faster processors and those with larger onboard L2 cache memory sizes tend to run hotter than slower processor and those with smaller L2 memory caches." Make sure that the CPU temperatures is no more than 50-55 Celsius. If it is higher than 55 Celsius, then the laptop's internal components should be cleaned.

  • Open up the laptop to fix the fan. First, turn off the laptop and unplug the AC adapter. Turn the laptop over to expose the battery compartment. Unscrew the battery compartment with a small Philips screwdriver to internal fan.

  • Free the fan of dust. According to The Washington Post, "hit the fan in short bursts from lots of different angles, making sure to blow most frequently in the direction of the air vent." Use an air compressor on low to blow out the dust. Caution getting the air compressor too close to the fan as it can damage the computer's internal components.

  • Disassemble and clean up clogged air vents with a dry rag if you have more experience with computer components (do not attempt to dissemble air vents with out prior experience). Read the Gateway laptop user's manual for proper procedure instructions on cleaning out the computer's air vents.(or contact a Gateway service representative to help walk you through the process).

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