How to Make a Champagne Pyramid


A champagne pyramid makes a dramatic presentation at a wedding reception. Also called a champagne fountain, the pyramid consists of scores of empty champagne glasses stacked on top of each other. Bottles of champagne are uncorked and poured into the single glass at the very top of the pyramid to overflowing. This single, perpetually overflowing glass feeds champagne to all the glasses below it.

Things You'll Need

  • 106 champagne glasses
  • Clean cloth
  • White tablecloth
  • Bottles of champagne
  • Prepare a total of 106 champagne glasses to create a seven-level pyramid. Wipe the glasses inside and out with a clean, soft cloth, taking care to wipe off fingerprints. Place a clean white tablecloth on the table the pyramid is to be built upon.

  • Set aside 37 glasses for the first level. Set seven champagne glasses in a vertical line as close to each other as possible. On each side of these seven glasses, set a vertical line of six glasses. Set them so the middle of each glass is positioned where two glasses adjoin each other in the initial row of seven glasses. Next create two outside rows of five glasses each and finally end with two outside rows of four glasses each.

  • Set the first glass of level two at the top of the vertical line of seven glasses on level one. Set it so the base of the glass straddles a total of three glass rims from level one. Each champagne glass base must straddle three rims below it for the pyramid to remain balanced. Continue setting glasses on level two.

  • Build levels three and four in the same manner, setting each glass on top of the rims of three glasses on the level below.

  • Set seven champagne glasses up for level five. When set in place, they should resemble a daisy flower pattern: one glass in the center with six glasses surrounding it.

  • Set up three glasses for level six that straddle the seven glasses of the previous level.

  • Top the pyramid with a single champagne glass on level seven. This is the feeder glass that the champagne will be poured into.

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