How to Make a Mummy Doll


A mummy doll makes an effective feature for a diorama of ancient Egypt, a Halloween decoration, a gift, a novelty item or a fun decoration for your room. Mummies stand or recline. Despite the images in Hollywood movies, mummies don't walk---mummies have their legs wrapped together. Creating a mummy doll offers a chance to learn more about the ancient art of Egyptian mummification. Use some craft supplies and basic materials from home to create a realistic-looking mummy doll.

Things You'll Need

  • Fashion doll (optional)
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tape, if needed
  • Natural or tan linen or gauze bandages
  • Scissors
  • Adult assistant for younger kids
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Stir stick or old spoon
  • Create the mummy form. For a quick mummy doll, use a fashion doll from a dollar store or an old doll no one wants back. For a school project, you may be required to make the mummy doll from scratch. The United Kingdom's Culture 24 museums website suggests molding foil with your hands in the shape of a mummy.

  • Cut 3 feet of foil to create a 1-foot tall--mummy doll. Cut 3 feet of linen or gauze bandage in a ¼-inch strip. An adult can cut the foil and bandages ahead of time for young kids.

  • Shape the form so the legs are together and the feet will stick straight up when it is on its back. Royal mummies have their arms crossed on the chest. Other mummies have their arms resting at their sides. Shape an oval head, pinch the foil for a neck, spread the foil wider to create the shoulders and arms.

  • Squeeze the foil to make the body narrower at the hips. Taper the form down to the ankles and bend the foil up at a 90-degree angle for the feet. Roll a 6-inch wide strip of foil to make separate arms to bend and cross on the mummy's chest, if desired. Tape the royal arms to the sides of the mummy torso.

  • Use a stir stick such as a coffee stirrer or an old spoon to mix 1/8 cup of white glue and 1/8 cup of water in a bowl.

  • Dip the bandage in the mummy glue and cover all of it. Pull the bandage between your fingers to scrape off the excess glue. Wrap the bandage around the mummy's head to cover it fully. Spiral the bandage so each layer of bandage covers half of the previous wrapping. Continue wrapping the mummy all the way to the ends of the feet. Press the bandage against the bottom of the feet and cut any excess off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pharmacies carry gauze bandages. For realistically ancient-looking bandages, steep some regular tea bags---black tea, not herbal---in a bowl of boiling water. An adult can do this ahead of time. Soak the linen or gauze strip in the tea overnight. Air-dry the bandages on a hanger.
  • For a dramatic Halloween or decorative mummy doll made from a fashion doll, leave the eyes and hands uncovered.


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