How to Be an Effective Housekeeping Manager


There is always room to grow in any career field, and housekeeping management is no exception. Between team leading, training, cleaning, and schedule management, it's easy to get flustered. Effective managers exhibit strong communication skills, initiative, and patience. Follow this guide to brush up on your skills and show your true potential.

  • Work on your cleaning skills. Innovations are taking place in the cleaning industry every day. Utilize new methods and products to your advantage, making each task easier. Even if you're not in charge of purchasing products or developing techniques, let your superior know about any great new methods and their benefits to the team.

  • Be a great listener. While your job primarily consists of providing leadership and direction, listening to your team's concerns and feedback will greatly improve cooperation. When your subordinates feel they can come to you about a problem or issue at work without judgment, they'll be more likely to follow your guidance.

  • Hone your time management skills. You probably have many rooms to clean, with so little time. Set goals and priorities so your team knows exactly what to do. When each goal is reached, congratulate the team so they know their work is appreciated.

  • Organize regular team meetings. These can be quarterly or on an as-needed basis. If possible, meet in a low-stress environment--such as a casual restaurant or café--to encourage participation by all team members. Discuss goals, methods, and any new developments. This can be a great way to connect to your co-workers on an even playing field.

  • Hire the right staff for your needs. If you find that one of your employees is consistently late or her efforts are lacking despite your repeated attempts to remedy the situation, it may be time to consider replacement. Be sure to discuss the situation in private and be considerate of her needs. The lack of quality may be due to a personal or health problem. While it's never pleasant to fire an employee, you need to make sure your staff is able to meet the company's needs.

  • Make sure your team is well-trained and organized. Provide hands-on training of proper cleaning and safety methods. Keep the products well-stocked, clearly labeled, and organized. Assign team members their work for the day, and make sure everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing. New employees may need some extra help and guidance, so assign them a partner or check up on them periodically to see how they're doing.

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