How to Remove Paint From Model Cars


Whether you want to change paint colors on a particular model or made a mistake while painting and have to start over, the ability to remove paint from a model saves the hobbyist the expense of replacing those models altogether. Removing paint from models requires use of toxic chemicals, so this project should not be attempted by children.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic or metal models
  • Castrol Super Cleaner or oven cleaner
  • Bristled brush
  • Container large enough to hold the model
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye goggles
  • Plastic bags
  • Soap
  • Newspaper

CSC Method

  • Fill a container with the Castrol. Place the car inside the solution. If the solution is not deep enough to cover the model completely, flip the model and repeat for the other side. Try to find a container deep enough to cover the entire model. Do not touch the CSC with your bare fingers.

  • Allow the model to soak for at least four hours. Overnight is best. Place the container in an area where children and pets cannot reach it. CSC fluid is extremely toxic to the skin and is extremely damaging if ingested. If the fluid is ingested by anyone, contact a poison control center right away.

  • Rub the paint with a gloved finger. If the paint wipes off, it is ready for removal. If the paint only smears, it needs to soak for a few more hours. If the paint does not come off at all, that type of paint cannot be removed with CSC cleaner and you will have to try another method.

  • Remove the model from the CSC solution. Set the model onto newspaper or the ground. Use the brush to rub the paint off of the model. If the brush becomes dirty, rinse it in soap and water and remove the rest of the paint.

  • Wash the model with a solution of soap and water. Use the same brush that you used to remove the paint to make sure that all of the CSC is removed from the model.

Oven Cleaner Method

  • Place the model inside a large plastic bag. Take the bag and the oven cleaner outside. Wear some gloves and eye goggles. Spray the surface of the model until the entire surface is foamy. Seal the bag tightly.

  • Allow the bag to sit outside overnight. The next day, rub the surface of the paint with a gloved finger. If the paint comes off, the model is ready for scrubbing.

  • Follow Steps 4 and 5 as outlined above. There is no difference for oven cleaner.

  • Photo Credit sporty model car image by Ray Kasprzak from
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