How to Locate an EGR Valve


The EGR valve, or the gas recirculation valve, allows the gas exhaust to enter into the combustion chamber to reduce the volume of the combustible mixture, resulting in a slight loss of power. If the flow from the EGR valve is excessive, the engine will burn fuel inefficiently and experience increased emissions. If the EGR flow is insufficient, the engine will overheat. No matter what the issue you want to resolve is, the first step to working on the EGR valve is knowing how to locate it under the hood of the vehicle.

  • Open the hood of the vehicle by pulling the trunk release inside the vehicle. Step out of the vehicle and insert your fingers underneath the partially open hood and pull the latch free to open the hood completely.

  • Find the engine diagram sticker on the inside of the open hood and identify the mechanism that is labeled "EGR Solenoid" on the sticker.

  • Find the "vacuum line" on the sticker diagram and identify its color. This is the line that runs from the EGR solenoid to the EGR valve.

  • Locate the vacuum line inside the engine compartment of the vehicle toward the front of the driver's side. The vacuum line will be the same color on the vehicle as it is on the diagram.

  • Follow the vacuum line from the front of the vehicle where it connects to the EGR solenoid through the conduit that carries it to the EGR valve at the rear of the engine compartment. The easiest way is to track the uniquely colored vacuum line along the path between its two connection points. The vacuum line connects to the EGR valve, which is the disk-shaped object located at the rear of the engine compartment
    on the driver's side.

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