How to Write a Good Football Essay


American football has evolved from a sport that was nothing more than a derivation of rugby to one of the most popular sports in the United States. Writing a good essay about the sport of football will detail both the game's development and its complex rules and regulations.

  • Start your essay by discussing the origins of football. Football evolved from a variety of different sports played in the 19th century, and the name "football' actually applied to several different sports for a long period of time.

  • Detail the developments of the sport made by key people in football history. Walter Camp is considered "the father of American football," as he established many aspects of the sport we use today, such as the line of scrimmage, downs, the safety and the points system, among other things. Glen "Pop" Warner was also a huge contributor to the modern development of football.

  • Elucidate the current rules of the sport. At the very least, you want to include the number of players required to be on the field, the dimensions of a football field, the line of scrimmage, downs, protective equipment and the scoring system.

  • Identify the different positions on a football team. In your descriptions, use each position's typical location on the field, general responsibility and athletic abilities in relation to other positions.

  • Explain how the football is advanced and how points are scored. Your account should include a description of the offense, the defense, passing, running, first downs and yardage penalties.

  • List and detail the different roles of special teams units and their impact on how the football is advanced during the game.

  • Write about the strategy involved in football and the complexity of the modern game. From the different formations to the intricate schemes detailed in playbooks, football has been described as "chess on a field"; thus, football's emphasis on strategy should be highlighted in your essay.

  • Detail the brutality involved in football. Include rules that have been developed over the years to make football safer, such as limiting the sport to the fall and winter months and disallowing defenders from hitting defenseless players in the air. Also, mention studies that demonstrate how football has caused brain damage in a number of athletes over the years.

  • Conclude your essay by explaining the importance of the three major football institutions in the United States; high school football, college football and the NFL. Incorporate these different institutions' financial, educational and social implications on American society and how these institutions have grown and, in turn, have helped grow the sport of football.

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