How to Improve Your Handwriting With a Ball Point Pen


Handwriting is something we all have. Some like the way their handwriting looks, but if you don't, you can improve it in several ways, starting with finding the right style of pen. You can choose many different types of pens to write with, and your handwriting can look different depending on which type of pen you use. Many suggest that one's handwriting is best with a fountain pen, but if you prefer writing with a ballpoint pen, you can still have a nice handwriting. The same techniques work regardless of what type of pen you use.

Things You'll Need

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Paper
  • Practice gripping the pen as you write so you are holding it neither too tightly nor too loosely. Your handwriting becomes shaky the tighter you grip a pen, and the fingers should be used to guide a pen rather than being used to create the letters.

  • Take your time as you write. When you write in a hurry, you are less articulate with your penmanship.

  • Pay attention to your writing. Don't let your mind wonder and daydream, and don't pay attention only to what you're writing. Pay attention to the letters you are forming. The more aware you are of your writing, the better your handwriting will be.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice writing with different styles of pens. Some people write better with fountain pens, some with fine-point ballpoint pens and others with medium ballpoint pens. Find the pen that you like best, that feels the most comfortable and that your writing looks best in.


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