How to Replace the Fuse on a Tank 150 Scooter


Replacing the fuse is one of the simplest repairs on a 150cc Tank scooter; however, keep in mind while reading the following instructions that there might be slight variations based on the individual model of the Chinese-made scooter being worked on. These instructions are based on a 150cc Tank Touring Deluxe Scooter. You will be instructed to remove three screws on the battery cover, but only two screws hold down the battery cover on a 150cc Tank Urban Sporty "Euro-Edition" Scooter.

Things You'll Need

  • 7-amp fuse
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Straight screwdriver

Remove Battery Cover

  • Turn off the Main Switch.

  • Locate the rectangular cut-out, on the base of the scooter between the seat and handlebars, under which is the cavity holding the battery.

  • Remove the three screws holding down the battery cover with a Phillips screwdriver.

  • Gently pry open the cover with a straight screwdriver, just enough to get your fingertips underneath it to remove the cover.

  • Set the cover aside close by, upside down, and place the three screws inside the cover.

Examine the Fuse

  • Locate the small, rectangular, plastic fuse box amid the battery cables connecting to the battery. You can make out the outline of the 7-amp fuse inside.

  • Pop open the fuse box at the tab, but do not expand the cover too far. (See Warnings to find out why.)

  • Examine the fuse without removing it to make sure it is blown. If you can see that the thin metallic connector inside the glass is severed or the glass chamber is discolored from the inside as if something blew up, you need a new fuse.

  • Push the holding clips on either end of the fuse away from the fuse to remove the fuse if you must get a better look to determine whether it is blown.

Replace the Fuse

  • Purchase a new 7-amp fuse at your local scooter shop or online (some sources are included in the References section).

  • Once you have your fuse, follow the instructions above to remove the battery cover, open the fuse box and remove the old fuse.

  • Gently push the fuse into its holder in the fuse box, feeling or listening for the snap of the holder clips grabbing the fuse.

  • Close the fuse box cover until it snaps back into place.

  • Push the battery cables back down so they are flush with the battery, put the battery cover back in place and close it by tightening the three screws.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use some finesse when screwing the battery cover closed. You don't want it screwed down so tightly that you strip the Phillips screws opening and closing the cover. But you also don't want the battery cover screwed down so loosely that water can penetrate the plastic seal and soak the electrical components.
  • The fuse box cover's hinge is a small strip of plastic that will easily break apart if you are too rough with it. Only open it when you really have to. When opening it, only expand it far enough to examine, remove or replace the fuse.
  • Always make sure the fuse box cover snaps closed.
  • Use only specified parts and do not exceed the amperage of the fuse lest you want to risk more problems with your scooter, such as having to replace the battery.

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