How Can I Add Scrolling Quotes to My Web Page?

Scrolling content is widely used on television to display small bits of information that can be interpreted quickly, including news headlines, weather forecasts and stock market information. Supported by nearly all modern web browsers, the HTML marquee tag allows you to scroll your web page content across the screen in the same manner. Once you understand the proper syntax, implementing the code is a quick process.


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      Open your web page and view its HTML code. If you edit your HTML using a text editor, such as Notepad, simply open your page in the editor and scroll down to the section of the page where you want to add scrolling content. If you use a visual editing program, such as Microsoft FrontPage, open your page and click on the area of the page where you want to add scrolling content. Change your viewing mode to Code View after doing so. This shows you the HTML code that controls the content and appearance of your page.

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      Press the "Enter" key to create a blank line.

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      Copy and paste the following code onto the blank line:

      <marquee direction="left" bgcolor="yellow">
      <p>Sample paragraph text</p>

      This example creates a marquee with a yellow background that scrolls the contents of a paragraph across the screen to the left. Substitute your quotes content within the opening <p> and closing </p> tags. Adjust the "direction" and "bgcolor" parameters to suit the design needs of your page.

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      Save your page and open it in a web browser. The marquee and content you created in the previous step scrolls across the screen at the location you selected in Step 1.

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