How to Calculate Square Feet Into Cubic Yards

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Square feet is a two-dimensional measurement of area. Cubic measurements are used for three-dimensional projects. You may need to convert square measurements into cubic measurements for certain projects such as flowerbeds or building projects. You also may need to convert feet to yards. Having accurate measurements and conversions helps you to plan your project efficiently.

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      Measure the length and width of an area, in feet, and multiply the two measurements to find the square footage. For instance, if you have a flower bed that is three feet long and three feet wide, the square footage is nine.

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      Multiply the depth of your project, in feet, by the square footage to determine cubic feet. For example, if your flower bed will lie within raised walls that are two feet deep, multiply two by nine to get 18 cubic feet.

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      Divide your cubic feet measurement by 27 to obtain cubic yards. In the flower bed example, 18 divided by 27 equals 0.667. That means the flowerbed covers two-thirds of a cubic yard.

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