How to Transplant Bromeliad Plants


Bromeliads are shade loving epiphytic plants that are propagated by transplanting offshoots called "pups." You can easily remove and transplant a bromeliad pup to create more plants for your garden or indoor collection. Bromeliad pups will produce flowers within one to two years, after which the mother plant will begin a slow decline, meanwhile producing more pups for you to transplant and grow. A bromeliad mother plant can keep producing pups until it dies.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife, pruning shears or small saw
  • Peat moss
  • Bark
  • Coarse sand or perlite
  • Container
  • Rooting hormone
  • Small stick (optional)
  • Mix a growing medium with equal parts peat moss, bark and coarse sand or perlite.

  • Choose bromeliad pups that have developed enough leaves to resemble the mother plant. These pups will have at least 4 leaves, but the more leaves, the better chance they will root.

  • Push the cutting instrument into the soil and cut as close to the mother bromeliad plant as possible. Do not worry if the pup has no roots of its own.

  • Dip the cut end of the bromeliad pup into rooting hormone, and tap or shake to remove excess.

  • Place the bromeliad pup into a pot filled with potting medium and water well. Insert it deep enough to allow it to stand on its own, but not past the first row of leaves. Use a small stick for support if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • After you transplant a bromeliad pup, keep the medium evenly watered, and keep water in the vase of the plant.
  • Fertilizer should be diluted to quarter strength and poured into the center of the plant.
  • Do not fertilize transplanted bromeliad pups until they show significant new growth.
  • Keeping the potting medium too wet will cause the pup to rot. Let it dry out completely between waterings.

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