How to Hide and Stop Body Odor


Body Odor is an embarrassing situation that many of us deal with. Here are some tips to help you eliminate and hide body odor.

  • Shower daily if you know that you suffer from extreme body odor. Pay close attention and use soapy water to effectively clean problem areas, such as armpits, hair, and wherever else sweat may collect on your body. Sweat can cause you to smell bad.

  • Use antiperspirant. Don't just look for a deodorant. Make sure you are using one that has antiperspirant as this will help you to not sweat as much and will help lessen the chance of body odor.

  • Change your diet. Sometimes the foods that you eat can be causing your body odor. If you know this is the problem, then make changes to your diet to eliminate the odors.

  • Improve your Hygine. Wash your hands and brush your teeth frequently. Your body odor may be a result of being dirty. Dirt, sweat, and germs can cause you to smell bad. Stay clean and you can hide your body odor.

  • Wash and change your clothes daily. Don't wear dirty clothes as this can be the cause of your body odor.

  • If you do everything above, and still are dealing with body odor, you may have a disease called Bromhidrosis. Ask your doctor if they can find out if this is what you are suffering from, and they can provide medication to help.

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