How to Restore Computer BIOS Settings


Your motherboard's basic input/output system (BIOS) coordinates all of the other pieces of hardware working together, such as managing how the data flows between various hard drives and disc drives. Proper BIOS settings are essential for your computer to work properly. It is not uncommon for a computer user, while playing around in the BIOS, to change a setting such that the computer no longer functions properly. That can be trouble if the user does not remember exactly what he changed. Luckily, it is easy to reverse the damage.

  • Enter the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key as your computer boots up. When you start your computer, watch for a message that reads something to the effect of, "Press F3 to enter setup." This tells you how to get to the BIOS. Press the indicated key quickly and you will be brought to the main BIOS menu.

  • Enter the BIOS subdirectory where you suspect the problem was created. It could be an incorrect setting for boot devices or a myriad of others. Move the BIOS cursor to the appropriate heading and press "Enter".

  • In each BIOS submenu, you should see an option called "Restore Defaults" or "Setup Defaults". Choosing either of these options will restore that area of your BIOS to its original factory settings. Press the indicated key to restore the defaults, then press the key to save and exit from the BIOS.

  • Restart your computer and whatever problem was created through BIOS tampering should be fixed.

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