How to Make a Train With Candy

A candy train sounds like something from a child's dream. This simple decoration comes together in less than an hour and gives you a way of using extra candy you have on hand. Trains made from candy can be used as cake decorations, party favors or as a tiny train to encircle a Christmas tree. Since the candy remains in the wrapper during the construction process, it stays edible for the shelf life of the candy.

Things You'll Need

  • Four five-stick packages of chewing gum
  • Craft glue
  • 20-inch length of string
  • Four rolls of round mints or candy
  • 16 round peppermint candies (individually wrapped)
  • One chocolate candy drop (individually wrapped)
  • One square or rectangular chocolate candy or caramel (individually wrapped)
  • Additional individually wrapped candies (optional)


    • 1

      Lay four packages of chewing gum end to end in a line on a flat surface. Allow for ¼ to ½ inch of space between the packages of gum. Squeeze a line of craft glue down the center and along the length of each of the gum packages. Place string on top of the glue, stretching from the first package of gum to the last, to connect all of the packages together.

    • 2

      Press a roll of round candy, before the glue for the string dries, lengthwise on top of the string. Sandwich the string between the roll of candy and the package of gum. You are using the same glue that attaches the string to hold down the candy roll. This creates the four cars of the “train.”

    • 3

      Squeeze a drop of glue onto the flat side of each of the round peppermint candies. Attach two candies to each of the sides of the four train “cars” to make the wheels.

    • 4

      Glue the bottom of the chocolate candy drop to the front of the top of the first train “car.” Glue one square candy on the back of the “car” to act as the conductor's carriage. Decorate the top of the remaining cars with additional wrapped candy to create a load for the train to carry.

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